Imagine a world without museums or art galleries. Without collectors or collections.

No open studios, international art fairs or auctions.

A world in which the history of art, the academic lectures, the opinions of renowned critics, the assessment of appraisers and the minute documentation of provenance mean absolutely nothing.


Would there still be art?
Of course there would.


But how — without the individuals and institutions of the art world and the art market to advise us — would we ever know whether a piece of art is any good?
Well, we could look at it and decide whether or not we liked it. That’s a start.


Over the last several decades, we’ve accumulated a number of objects that we happen to like and we’ve opened a gallery in Quincy, Massachusetts to share them.

Maybe you’ll like some of them, maybe you won’t. Following the links on this website will let you find out.


Bobbi Hamill, Owner and Alien Warrior Princess
Matthew Mrachek, Owner and Journeyman Assassin
Tim Hamill, Photographer and Hitman Emeritus 

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